so i’m going to a party on friday and i was thinking about wearing this dress. what do you guys think?

  1. ughjackmans said: Absolutely stunning!
  2. mauve-and-dangerous said: omigosh you look SO cute!! wear the dress!!! break hearts and take namesss. is that the way it goes? i tried to make a reference for you, but i dont remember how it goes really or where its from… sorry for the babbling. wear the dress!!
  3. iamthelastofthegiants said: the dress fits you so well, you look like a princess :)
  4. hellalondes said: gORGEOUS
  5. qeutzalcoatl said: OF COURSE LAURA THE DRESS IS FAB
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  7. tobiasseatonn said: You look beautiful my darling xox
  8. deducing-things-annoying-people said: yup. very pretty. both of you.
  9. beverlykazt said: oh my god, you are super frickin cute. the dress really suits you (◡‿◡✿)
  10. booeagleton said: yes it is beautiful and it is beautiful bcause youre wearing it
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  12. georgiaisyourbuddy said: yes yes yes and yes
  13. ewparrish said: you are flawless and you look absolutely beautiful *-*
  14. ewkili said: I think this dress looks very good on you, and omfg YOU’RE SO LUCKY TO HAVE THAT FACE EVERY GODAMM DAY YOU PRETTY FUCKER
  15. impcla said: its pretty and your pretty bye
  16. ewdean said: it looks really pretty and omg you look so adorable
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